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Main Services

Civil law

  • compensation cases including compensation for car accident, compensation for medical malpractice, compensation from travel agency, taking action for payment
  • claims connected with: lease contract, specific-task contract, construction contract, protection of the personal interests of a natural person, dissolution of co-ownership

Family law

  • divorce suit
  • legal separation suit
  • cases concerning contacts with children
  • suit for alimony
  • cases concerning parental responsibility
  • action for division of property

Inheritance law

  • confirmation of acquisition of the inheritance
  • division of the estate
  • legitimate portion
  • cases concerning invalidy of the will

Labour law

  • claim for reinstatement in employment
  • compensation cases
  • notice of termination of a contract of employment
  • giving an opinion of employment conctract

Criminal law

  • representation of client’s rights as defense attorney
  • representation for charged of inquisition
  • representation for injured person
  • representation in the appeal proceedings
  • representation and legal advice related to the: offence against safety in communication, offence against property, offence against the person, sex crime
  • representation in cases related to minor offences, postponement of penalty, conditional release from serving the full sentence

Company law

  • representation and legal advices for companies concerning company and labour law, provision of legal assistance and preparation of documentation required for setting-up
  • transformations, divisions and winding-up of commercial partnership and companies
  • preparation of partnerships’ and companies’ internal documentation
  • representation and legal advices related to intellectual property cases

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